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Philanthropy puts you at the centre of VSO’s work reducing poverty.

Whether as a private philanthropist, or through a bespoke trust or foundation partnership, you can make a powerful, sustainable difference to poverty and inequality.

Janice Ann Perez, 37, is a VSO education volunteer from the Philippines. She’s bringing her expertise in child-centred teaching to assess the needs of primary schools across Karamoja, the most deprived region of northern Uganda. Peter Caton

VSO’s A PLUS project is upgrading the quality of education across Karamoja, a deprived region of Uganda where 4/5 households live below the poverty line. 

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“Hearing that some of the girls had themselves become teachers was truly heart-warming. The volunteers were so impressive, so committed to improving the lives of these children, and every success must feel wonderful.”

Lindy Estlin, who visited VSO education projects in Nepal

Why VSO?

VSO has sent volunteers to work in some of the world’s poorest communities for nearly 60 years because passing on skills - rather than cash - is more likely to allow disadvantaged people to stand on their own two feet.

Through supporting VSO, you are investing in a future where everybody, no matter where they were born can access good education, healthcare and the means of making a living. You can make an impact that lasts. Recent research shows that the great majority of positive changes (71%) brought by volunteers endured, long after they had left.

"All non-governmental organisations talk about capacity building but nobody shows locals how to do it – this is a huge difference with VSO. A couple of courses will not achieve the same thing. With VSO the person is there with you and they have chosen to come”.

Staff member at Shantiham Association for Health and Counselling, Sri Lanka

How you can help

We’d love to have a conversation about the part you could play in turning around the lives of some of the world’s poorest people – for good.


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